December 2, 2019

Leicester South candidate investigated by The Guardian

An article from The Guardian on the Tory contender for Leicester South raises questions about Natalie Neale’s selection and the decision to feature her prominently in the Conservative manifesto.

I’m currently in Leicester East so haven’t seen Neale’s campaign literature - be interesting to see how her NHS connection is handled. Certainly showing someone wearing their NHS lanyard is a heavy implication. Most voters would take that at face value, not assuming they were currently suspended from their NHS role - or perhaps not even working for the NHS at all currently.

November 26, 2019

Council business for December 2019

The Council’s calendar of meetings is available here.

As we might expect the Council meetings for December are a bit on the sparse side. What with the holidays and a general election.

Of note in the first week of the month:

Other upcoming scrutiny committees for December:

Community meetings:

  • Stoneygate, Thursday 5th.
  • Spinney Hills, Tuesday 10th.
November 22, 2019

General election PPCs

The plan for launching Vote Leicester was not supposed to include a general election in the first few weeks. And yet, here we are. So let’s hit the ground running with some background on the candidates and constituencies here in Leicester.

Leicester East

Tara Baldwin, Brexit Party.

Bhupen Dave, Conservatives. Lost his Oadby and Wigston Borough Council seat in May. The previous Tory candidate in 2017, Edward He, took 24% of the vote.

Nitesh Dave, Liberal Democrats. Vice chair of the Leicester City Liberal Democrats, previous challenger to the seat in 2017 with 1343 votes. Twitter.

Sanjay Gogia, Independent.

Melanie Wakley, Greens. Involved in Leicester’s Friends of the Earth group and stood for the seat in 2017 gaining 1070 votes.

Claudia Webbe, Labour. Recently chosen to replace incumbent Keith Vaz, who held a majority of over 22,000. Born in Leicester, currently an Islington Borough Councillor and member of Labour’s National Executive Committee. Wikipedia, Twitter.

Leicester South

Jon Ashworth, Labour. Incumbent since 2011 with a 26,000 majority. Website, Parliament UK, Wikipedia, Twitter.

Chris Coghlan, Liberal Democrat. Lib Dems came third in the seat in 2017 with 2.5% of the vote. Twitter.

Mags Lewis, Green. Has previously stood for Leicester Mayor and city council, contested seat in 2017 gaining 1177 votes. Twitter.

Natalie Neale, Conservative. Former Dudley Council member who stepped down in 2015, after which her Twitter account also stopped being updated. News, Twitter.

James Potter, Brexit Party. Blasted off of Google’s front page by sharing a name with a fictional wizard’s father.

Leicester West

Ian Bradwell, Liberal Democrats. Stood for the seat in 2015 and 2017, where he took 2% of the vote. Lib Dem profile.

Jack Collier, Brexit. Initially appears to have been selected for Leicester East, now West.

Ani Goddard, Green. Eighteen year old challenger active with the Climate Strike protests. News.

Liz Kendall, Labour. Incumbent since 2010 with an 11,000 majority. Website, Wikipedia, Twitter.

Amanda Wright, Conservative. Currently Leicestershire County Councillor for Burbage. In 2017 Tories took 31% of the vote in the seat. Leicestershire County Council, Twitter.

I’ve added links where findable with a cursory Google. Always surprised by the lack of engagement online, even just basic announcements.